Core Values

At B&I, we practice our core values, but what does this really mean? Core values are how we do things, while our culture (how we do things) is what we think and how we conduct ourselves. People will take notice of how we behave. Whether good or bad, we do have the ability to influence one another. We can set out to put a strategy in place of adhering and practicing our core values, but if our culture is not cemented, then we are setting ourselves up to fail. The famous management consultant Peter Drucker once said, “Culture will always eat strategy for breakfast.”


Pursuit of excellence in all areas, including and not limited to, our building practices, hiring and training practices, and all work performed by employees.

Examples: Complying with all contract documents, hiring individuals who match the B&I culture, seeking out highly qualified personnel, completing quality control checklists.


Soundness, moral values, completeness

Examples of soundness: Top-quality products, reliable fleet, high tech equipment
Examples of completeness: Financial capabilities, state-of-the-art facilities, invest in safety.


The combined action of all B&I employees together, especially to be effective and efficient; cooperating with a common goal in mind; pushing one another to be the best we can be; holding each other accountable;

Who is the TEAM?

  • Level 1 – Employees/Customers
  • Level 2 – Subcontractors/Suppliers
  • Level 3 – Building Owner
  • Level 4 – Design Team, Architect, Engineers & Consultant


Our commitment to providing a safe work place leads us to build a relationship with our employees through education, training, hazard awareness and remediation. Examples include training, job site evaluations, safety gear/equipment, incentives for meeting goals, reporting metrics, monitoring, and the Safety Committee.

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